Mariclaro contemporary green design and craftsmanship
We are an independent Canadian design brand making quality bags and accessories. Our passion lies in incorporating the history of recycled material into beautiful and functional accessories. Attention to detail, layers of history and ethics are present in each Mariclaro creation. We believe you deserve a bag that lasts, is made sustainably and is beautiful in its uniqueness.

Sven Schlegel & Willa Murray

Kinji Yamada about our bags "I told you this before, but the biggest problem of Mariclaro bags is - that IT LASTS FOREVER! I have been carrying/wearing a few Mariclaro bags EVERYDAY FOR MORE THAN 2 YEARS shine or rain (previous version of Artemis with buckle on the strap and a mesh hand bag) and there is NO TEAR/WEAR yet... which is great, but I keep seeing other/newer great bags and I cannot go for them because MY CURRENT BAGS WILL PROBABLY LAST FOREVER! FOLKS (à la RF), just get one and see for yourself!"


Cynthia Ledgley about her Freya purse: "Love my Freya. I am on to my second one! the first time in my life that I insisted on having the same purse again."