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  • Three Speed Collection

    Some view it as a scrap yard, we feel it is more akin to a free range Corinthian supermarket with Ricardo Montalban rambling on over the loudspeaker spewing things like,” The Chrysler Cordoba in aisle 4 would make a nice carry on for Tattoo.”

  • Round Trip Collection

    Round Trip Collection - This line of handcrafted bags knows how to fly! Wool and leather connect in an indigo jet stream palette to bounce experienced Air Canada seat covers back to life as functional, stylish travel companions ready to soar on your next adventure.

  • Rambler

    Pics of old rusty beaters have always been ubiquitous, just ask any yahoo with an SLR. So why not take it to the next level and pick up a genuine accessory made out of cool vintage leather interiors extracted from rusty old beaters. Instant street cred from constructed image documentarians and slocomotion lunatics alike.

  • The fresh leather of an BMW 750IA V12
  • recycled seatbelt, buckles and car seat leather
  • Drive

The Art of Contemporary Recycling

Mariclaro turns salvaged materials into unique bags and accessories giving repurposed goods a new role to play in life.

We transform seat materials from luxury cars into sleek and stylish laptop bags, purses and wallets. Imagine a handcrafted wallet or bag constructed from the seat leather of a favorite automobile. Perhaps we can help out.

If you buy a weekender bag shouldn’t it be made from a material than has seen the world – to carry the adventurist spirit? Mariclaro transforms airplane seat covers into weekenders, computer bags and travel accessories.

Mariclaro began in Mexico in 2008 during a local election period. Founder Sven was pursuing his PHD in resource management at the time and abandoned Mexican election banners caught his eye – and that was it: the first Mariclaro bag was born.

Today we have evolved into a sustainable design company. Mariclaro offers an array of unique bags and accessories from recycled materials, proudly handmade in our studio in Snow Road Station, Canada.